Trails to suit beginners and some that will make the pro's wish they had our job!




A great laugh everyday with good riders and trails to put a big grin on your face!




Choice of either the Kawasaki KLX or Honda CRF both suited to this terrain!



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    We have been operating top level Enduro tours since 1999 and leading the way by being different. We live and we ride in the area our tours operate so our route knowledge is second to none. We also run regular scouting trips to ensure we offer the best and most challenging routes every season. See all our tours
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    Before emigrating to Thailand to operate Enduro Tours we were involved in a high level service industry and our experience from this is brought direct to our Motorcycle Tour business. Our exemplary customer service begins from your first email and throughout your time with us. Test us out
  • Chiang Mai

    North Thailand

    Chiang Mai is known as Thailands second Capital and the 5th largest city in the Kingdom. Known as the 'Rose Of The North' and 'The adventure capital of Thailand' due to it's lush tropical jungles and towering mountains. Chiang Mai is the starting point for all our tours and if you have never visited Chiang Mai before you will love it's unique charm.
    North West


    North West (and south West) of Chiang Mai is our chosen 'Adventure Playground' a 14,000 square kilometer region of Thailands highest mountains with the densest forests in the Kingdom. Here the world is our oyster in getting you onto the best trails in Thailand and arguably South East Asia regardless if you are new to dirt biking or a seasoned rider.
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Touring Guidelines

Best time to ride... Oct through to Feb!
For mud plugging action... Come in June & July!
Never in August & September... Too dangerous-heavy monsoons!
Choice of bikes... Kawasaki KLX 250s or Honda CRF 250L
Simple booking process.. Online with only a 20% booking deposit!

 " We live in a world full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. "

Rookie Dual Terrain

For novice off road bikers: A mix of some of the best biking roads in the world and easy off road introducing you to the world of adventure riding. Converting road riders since 1999.


Northern Enduro

For intermediate off road riders: An awesome ride and an opportunity to advance your off road skills with tips and techniques on route from the experts. Go on, you know you want to...


Classic Enduro

For experienced riders: A firm favourite with some of the best trails in Thailand. Tight single tracks, fast open sections, forests, mountains, and river crossings. Definitely a classic Enduro


Ultimate Enduro

For Adventurers: The best trails are always in the wilderness so get ready for 'Outback Thailand' with raw nature, raw adventure but well cooked BBQ's under the stars. The Ultimate Enduro.


Our Tours

Our Classic and Ultimate Enduro tours are in the bracket of High adventure and only suitable for riders with good off road experience. Both tours involve deep jungle riding and single track trails at time so all riders must be able to work as a team and assist all members in the group if required. 

Our Rookie and Northern Enduro tours are still high adventure but the routes are more tailored to the less experienced rider however, we judge the difficulty of the routes day by day so able to make them a little more 'Adventurous' if the group are up for it!