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Since 1999 we have been operating quality motorbike tours in Northern Thailand.  This website ( is the dedicated dirt bike website for our parent company Motorbike Thailand where we also operate quality guided adventure motorbike tours on the awesome roads in north Thailand.

The locations we ride we know implicitly and not just because of our motorbike tours.  Back in the late 90's our original base was in Mae Hong Son province a massive area of mountains, jungles with very few people and even less tourists and the location almost everyone rides dirt today including us.  Our advantage of 9 years of living and riding in that province is we know it better than most and not just the trails but also the local people, the royal Thai army and police who help us out when needed. Our Thai support team are well renowned in the region having much support from the locals when needed. 

Our knowledge of this region is legendary and one of the many reasons we have been operating motorbike tours more than 20 years. 



Starting in Chiang Mai we ride to the west into the Shan hills a mountain range with peaks up to 2565 meters above sea level (8464 ft).  This area is one of the most forested regions and most mountainous in Thailand offering the best dirt biking in the kingdom

With strong ethnic culture quite removed from Thai culture home to many Hill tribe people such as the Lahu - Lisu - Hmong - Mon - Karen and many more with around 8 languages spoken in the region and strong Burmese culture.

Home to many refugee camps along the Burma (Myanmar) border with refugees from the Karen, Shan and Kachin states of burma fleeing oppression from Burma and we are privilidged to visit these camps. (awesome ride).

Throughout your motorbike tour you will be visiting, staying in and riding though hilltribe villages in some of the most majestic mountains and ride down the Burmese Border in thick jungles alongside the mighty Salween river Asia's biggest un-dammed river. 

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Its All About the Ride!

Experience amazing regions of Thailand very few people see.  On our dedicated enduro motorbike tours operate in thick jungles away from big towns and cities, it's all about the wilderness, the jungles, the waterfalls, the villages cut off from mainstream civilisation and most importantly the epic riding available here, seriously it's fantastic!  

If you're looking for pure unadulterated motorcycle touring in remote locations and on incredible trails, we have the experience and the abilty to give you more than you probably expect.  Thats a promise!

How Much Dirt?

Our 6 & 7 Day enduro tours are designed for experienced dirt riders so they have the highest quantity of dirt, around 80%.  The remaining 20% is mostrly on the first and last days leaving and arriving Chiang Mai city which involves just a few kilometers of city riding and the remaining are usually small back roads and lanes leaving the trails each day to get to our evening accommodation, though some lodges are actually on the dirt trails and the rest are very close.

Other tours vary regards how much dirt and road riding you will do. Our dual terrain tours are usually around 50% split but in 90% of cases we alter it on the fly either up the quanitity of road or dirt to suit the group.

In all cases we can alter what amount we give you but if you want to keep it as scheduled we have listed on each page the amount of dirt/road split.  All of the roads on our motorbike tours have hardly any cars/traffic.

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Its All About the Ride!

Many motorbike tour companies won't show pictures of injuries in case it scares you off but this is dirt biking so not uncommon to get too close to the scenery now and then and if you're a dirt biker you will understand. 

Our dirt bike trails offer a chance to open up and enjoy a great ride over awesome terrain and cover a lot of distance but we have many more trails available to us that we would never ride with customers. Riding our trails is epic fun and you will need to keep your wits about you but at no point will you be fighting with dangerous terrain where one false move could put you in severe danger. When the danger level gets too high it's just not fun anymore.

With over 3500 customers under our belt we have an impressive safety record. We operate to safety standards giving you peace of mind you are with a responsible motorbike tour company.

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