Accommodation & Food

Our motorbike tours take you way off the beaten track into regions of northern Thailand where only the more adventurous tourists visit so accommodation can be few and far between however, after 20 years of continuous riding and surveying motorbike tours in the region we utilise some of the best accommodation available.

There are no modern hotels so we use small boutique resorts and lodges unique to this area in beautiful surroundings with comfortable beds, hot water showers and of course fantastic food and ice cold beers. 

Some motorbike tour companies concentrate just on the routes they ride but we believe the accommodation is a major part of your overall experience and enjoyment and one thing that will definately stand out and reward you with fond memories. 



The scenery is one of the big attractions in the area and you will experience this each and every day on your motorbike tour through the day  1000's of square kilometers of mountains, jungles and forest as far as the eye can see making up the Shan Appalachian mountain range the foothills of the Himalayas. Nestled amongst the mountains will be the accommodation you will be enjoying either on top of a mountain up to 1800 meters above sea level in remote hill tribe villages or in small towns along the famous Mae Hong Son Loop regarded as one of the top ten motorcycle roads in the world.     


Evening Meals

You will be in a different location every evening.  Sometimes we could be the only guests in a small lodge on top a mountain, other evenings in a small town with a few unique bars alongside a river.

Regardless of where we our your Thai support team will order a range of classic Thai dishes for the entire group to share.  They make sure each day you get a variety of Thai food that in most cases you will not get in your local Thai restaurant back home. Chickens feet anyone? 

One thing's for sure each evening will be one to remember and you will not go hungry.    


Most evenings our group will be the only entertainment but for those looking to party party party, read on...

On tour, nightclubs and bars on our full on dirt bike tours are few and far between, actually we'll be honest they are non existant most nights as the best dirt bike trails are rarely near built up areas.  We offer the best dirt trails and won't compromise them by altering the routes for a few bars but fear not you will, have a ball.

Our tours begin and end in Chiang Mai and this is where most our customers let their hair down after the tour and experience the best nightlife Chiang Mai has to offer .     


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