All tours start and finish in Chiang Mai, a one hour flight from Bangkok, Thailand.

The perfect time for all Enduro rider abilities is Mid October to Mid February with the best weather, low dust and clear skies but this is our peak season and tours book very quickly so get in quick. For very good riders and serious adventurers have a crack in May,June and July with the 'big boys'!

Pretty much everything.   Each tour lists what is included but basically, once you have paid for your flights your only main expenses will be your evening meal, beers and drinks!

Protective motorcycle gear is essential and we will not let you ride unless you have at least upper body protection, full face helmet, and off road boots (no hiking boots).  Take a look at the various pictures on our website and see what our past customers wore or contact us for more info.

Our dirt bike tours operate in remote regions away from mainstream tourism so accommodation is limited at times however, we have selected some great places, all individual and all unique to this area in Thailand.  Expect some nights in the middle of no where on top a mountain in rustic lodges and other nights in small boutique resorts in small towns and villages.  Chiang mai city is modern accommodation with pool, all amenities and close to the main center.

United States Dollar.  You can opt to pay in any major currency though.

Most nationalities get a free 30 day visa on arrival.  Your passport must have at least 6 months remaining before expiry.

We don't go for big group sizes and we do this for your enjoyment, too many people makes it slow going. Most tours are limited to 6-8 riders but if you are booking in a group we can accommodate bigger groups if necessary.

If you're coming with a group of 4 or more riders we can arrange a date to suit your schedule.  If you are coming alone we can usually get you onto a tour with other riders especially between November and February.  Contact us and give us some idea regards your dates and we will put something to gether for you.

The tour will still go ahead!  Unlike many companies we will not tell you the tour is not happening due to the minimum numbers not met. Once we confirm your booking it is guaranteed to run.

Yes, you do need travel insurance to cover you for riding motorbikes.  

Mmmmm....Well, yes and no! You can join our Dirt Bike Experience tour but only if you are a safe and confident rider on the road. Some people are natural riders, some are not, only you can decide if you feel you are capable to ride our tours but don't book without contacting us first.

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Quick Faq's

Best time to ride... October through March!
For mud plugging action... Come in June & July!
Never in August & September... Too dangerous-heavy monsoons!
Choice of bikes... Kawasaki KLX 250s or Honda CRF 250L
Great Accommodation...Mountain Lodges & Small resorts!
Jungle Trails...
Fantastic Routes to challenge you!
Simple booking process.. Online with only a 20% booking deposit!


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Our Enduro Tours

Our Classic and Ultimate Enduro tours are in the bracket of High adventure and only suitable for riders with good off road experience. Both tours involve deep jungle riding and single track trails at time so all riders must be able to work as a team and assist all members in the group if required. 

Our Rookie and Northern Enduro tours are still high adventure but the routes are more tailored to the less experienced rider however, we judge the difficulty of the routes day by day so able to make them a little more 'Adventurous' if the group are up for it!