"Best Trails I've ever ridden"


1200 Km +

1200 Km +

Max 10 Riders

Max 10 Riders

Chiang Mai

9 Days 8 Nights 

7 Days riding 

The Ride Of Your Life

We have always taken bold steps with our Enduro tours by leading and not following the competition and this one proves exactly that. Our goals were simple though the reality was much harder to achieve however, after 2 years of scouting northern Thailand we are extremely proud to offer you our best dirt bike experience.

This is a complex motorbike tour covering a vast area of North west Thailand taking you to the absolute best trails into extremely remote regions and pushing your boundaries.  This is definitely not a tourist bikers holiday it's all about the ride but still have great accommodation and awesome food each night,  If you only ride dirt in Thailand once you have to choose this tour it's bold, it's brash it's epic.

A few long days in the saddle covering a multitude of terrain over high mountain passes, through lowland dense jungles and valley creeks, over 200 river crossings, 2 refugee camps, multiple hill tribe villages and over 200 kilometers directly on the Burmese border in lush green jungles. The most single track trail riding on all our enduro tours, most of the trails are so remote you won't find other trail users except maybe the odd cow or herd of buffalo or hill tribe farmer. One of the questions we regularly get asked is "how the heck did we find these trails?"

If you're into serious wilderness adventure this tour will tick all the right boxes...  

7 Day Enduro Slideshow

Some of The Best Riding Ever!

Incredible Scenery

Tour Stats

  • Bikes:Honda CRF or Kawasaki KLX
  • Rooms:Remote but good
  • Terrain: Jungle & Mountains
  • Rivers:iro 200 +
  • Energy Burn:High
  • Dirt:80%


Whats Included

  • Bikes

    Fuel/ Oil

    Lead Rider

    Tail Rider

    Tour Mechanic

    Spare bike

    Support truck

    8 Nights Accommodation

    Breakfast & Lunch

    Soft Drinks & Snacks (daytime)

    Airport collection

    National park Entry fees


  • Stay In Hilltribe Village
  • 200 River crossings
  • Massive mountain climbs
  • Creek riding
  • Edge of Thai border
  • Refugee Camps
  • Salween River

Our Review

Outrageous motorbike tour,! Most trails only ridden by us and many years of surveys to get this tour as good as it is now, you will be struggling to see other people on the trails let alone other dirt riders.

This tour operates in 2 provinces, Mae Hong Son and Tak and both are Thailands least populated regions of over 14,000 square kilometers of mountains and jungle hence the riding is so good.  You need to be fit and an experienced dirt rider and able to ride as a team.  See our Tour Pics

Tour Videos

This tour has only been released for 2020 season so as yet we haven't made a video of it but the two vids below give a good indication of the trails you will be riding.

What's the most rivers you have crossed on a bike?

We cross around 160 big rivers every week!