Had a fantastic time!   The tour leader did a great job of gauging our abilities (which thankfully improved whilst we were there) and adjusting the route accordingly. In fact there was a sense of 'let's go this way, it looks fun' which I approve of.

Neill Gilhooley.Chilled Jungle

We were incredibly proud, if slightly muddy, pioneers! Starting at a reasonable hour every morning, we managed to finish in plenty of time to make it to the pub's/bar's/club's/people's front room etc, for our evening re hydration! Never had a bad day's riding, Thailand was stunning and did not disappoint on any level!

Colin Handy. Rookie Dual Terrain (ridden with us twice)

These Motorbike tours really will get you off the beaten track. The tour guide has great knowledge of the area and seems to know nearly every dirt track there is.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a tour with these guys it was a great experience all round

Simon Baker. Classic Enduro

Excellent organization and quality bikes through the most exciting trails. we were told we would be taken beyond what we thought were our limits and that happened every day but at all times we felt safe under the guidance of the support guys who always appeared as the angels keeping an eye on us!

Michel Monballiu.Rookie Dual Terrain

I have to say the trip was exceptional and i will definitely be back next year. The bikes and accommodation were both great along with the camaraderie between all the guys. One of the expectational aspects of the week was the guides really made an effort to teach, particularly Michel and I how to ride a bike properly both on and off the road.

Mark Goldsworthy.  Rookie Dual Terrain (ridden 3 times with us)

I have previously ridden Cambodia many times and Laos among others but 2012 was my first ride in Thailand and the trails beat everywhere else hands down. Lots of trees, high mountains and lots of rivers, this is definitely going to be my new playground and These guys made it happen for me and the rest of the group. 

Frank Fielden.Ultimate Enduro

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Best time to ride... October through March!
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Choice of bikes... Kawasaki KLX 250s or Honda CRF 250L
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Our Classic and Ultimate Enduro tours are in the bracket of High adventure and only suitable for riders with good off road experience. Both tours involve deep jungle riding and single track trails at time so all riders must be able to work as a team and assist all members in the group if required. 

Our Rookie and Northern Enduro tours are still high adventure but the routes are more tailored to the less experienced rider however, we judge the difficulty of the routes day by day so able to make them a little more 'Adventurous' if the group are up for it!