Dirt Bike Tours Thailand

Below we have listed all our Thailand Motorbike tours.  We can tailor all of them to suit your riding ability, schedule and requirements if needed. Contact us and we will be pleased to tailor your enduro tour in Thailand.

More Than 3 Riders?

Budget & Training Motorbike Tours

These motorbike tours operate in Northern Thailand and suitable for riders on a budget or riders new to off road motorbikes.

  • Distance: (depending on ability)

  • Days: 4

  • Nights: 3

Learn dirt bike techniques & experience rural North Thailand at the same time.
  • Distance: 450km +

  • Days: 3

  • Nights: 2

A great tour to experience a bite sized taste of Thailand

Popular Enduro Tours

These motorbike tours are suitable for intermediate dirt bike riders up to advanced enduro riders. Our 6 day enduro tour will give you a more full on jungle experience with hardly any road.

  • Distance: 850 km +

  • Package: 6D-5N

  • Riding: 5 Days

A little more action than our shorter tours but trust us, after riding this tour you'll want more!
  • Distance: 1000 km +

  • Package: 8D-7N

  • Riding: 6 Days

One of the biggest selling motorbike tours.  Around 160 river crossings, gnarly trails- Awesome fun.

Our Ultimate Enduro Motorbike Tour

If you're only doing a motorbike tour in Thailand once you gotta choose this tour. Epic gnarly trails along the Thai/Burma border, more rivers crossings than you can shake a stick at, incredible scenery, great locations and very rural. This is about as "wilderness" as it gets.

  • Distance: 1200km +

  • Package: 9D-8N

  • Riding: 7

Unbelievable tour that you'll never forget. Pure unadulterated enduro action from start to finish.

Dual Terrain Motorbike Tours

The best of both worlds, One of the top motorcycle roads in the world combined with Thailands famous dirt bike trails the best photo opportunities and unique accommodation. Perfect to see and do as much as possible and a little more refined and laid back than a full on dirt bike tour. These and all other tours can be tailored to suit you.

  • Distance: 600+

  • Days: 4

  • Nights: 3

Get some off road experience as well as enjoy the dirt and the asphalt. A great little tour!
  • Distance: 1200 km +

  • Days: 6

  • Nights: 5

The perfect tour to fully immerse yourself in the culture and terrain both on and off road.  Good Fun!

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